The Deluge Upon Us

The ABA Journal recently published an informative article by Joe Dysart titled “As Bulging Client Data Heads for the Cloud, Law Firms Ready for a Storm.” The article discusses the ever-growing legal issues surrounding the exploding growth of data storage in the cloud, and the many issues lawyers need to consider for the companies they advise in order to deal with the huge quantities of data that businesses are generating today.

Dysert focuses on the well-known legal issues presented by a world filled with terabytes of data: e-discovery, privacy, and physical loss of control over data. He also suggests some new technology for lawyers to wrap their minds around, including the emergence of disappearing e-mail messages that automatically delete themselves from the computers of both senders and recipients once read. Whether you view innovative technology as exciting or overwhelming, the author points out that lawyers will have to understand the risks and respond. Ignorance of new technology and its risks is not an option — lawyers will have to continue to address these new challenges as they arise at an ever-increasing pace. In the words of Dysart, “Resistance is futile.”